5 Bits of Technology to Enhance Your Ski Day

Oura Ring

I’ve had my eye on this ring for a while and will gift it to myself at some point. This ring tracks your sleep and gives you feedback about your deep sleep or lack there of. In a snow resort there is nothing so depleting of your upcoming day than a lack of sleep, it affects your mood, your decision making and your enjoyment of pretty much everything.

Heated Ski boots

My finest purchase to date. I wish I had these years ago. Not cheap but helpful to getting enjoyment out of every single moment while your feet are in ski boots, particularly in snow resorts that are super-cold. And there are some resorts that are MUCH colder than others. I worked in Kaprun in minus 30 degrees Celcius every day, for example. And many Japanese snow resorts in Hokkaido are extremely cold, as are the resorts around Alberta, Canada.


Electric pulse to a person’s motor cortex. Build neuroplacicity.

Ski run tracker

Ski tracks $99, Ski trail maps free storing trail maps if no phone signal

Anti-fog goggles

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