It doesn’t matter what kind of skis are underneath your boot as long as they get you down the hill, right?

So wrong.
I know this first hand because my old skis could get me down ok but they couldn’t get me down WELL. I thought it was just me, my technique, the fact that I have to follow my husband around the mountain and he’s the ‘throw yourself off the cliff backward’ kind of skier… until I changed skis. Then I experienced the kind of refreshing ski-ability experience that I could only describe as Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! A lightness underfoot, the ability to dodge things that were formerly hard work. And thus I dedicate a little rave to my favourite skis. Love love love…. ICELANTICS.


more love

true love

Handcrafted in Colorado, they are not available in every ski shop and every street corner, but they are cool looking and easily found in a blizzard or outside a packed cafe due to their bright colours.

They are heavy in a BMW car kind of a way, it means you can take the corners and control your skis in a way only an top quality vehicle can in slippery conditions.

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