Babysitting in Japan

Japan – excellent mountains, friendly people, non-existent babysitting! When you plan a snow trip to one of Japan’s 600 ski resorts on either Honshu, Hokkaido or beyond you need to take this into account and factor it into your skiing plans. That means booking daycare, ski lessons, private instructors or tag team looking after the little ones, if it’s pre-teens you have with you.

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Night time-wise, it’s a good thing as having your kids along with you in restaurants and cafes ensures you get home much earlier, which means you get out on the snow in great form the next day. Who said there wasn’t a perk hidden among the pickles?

Kids sleep anywhere, anytime!

When you drop your children off at ski school daycare in Japan, be prepared for quizzical looks about why you would possibly want to go off and have free time to yourself when you could be attached to your children 24/7. It’s a very sweet sentiment, and I can only applaud them, if only from the chairlift outside, once I firmly secure my ski poles so I don’t drop them on skiers below. Little do they realise we are all with their children so much and so often they’re bound to benefit from contact with other human beings, and the parents need a few breaks too. As least that how it looks from my eyeballs.

Sweet dreaming post-hot chocolate.

Japan’s lack of babysitting is one sure-fire way to spend time with your children, every inch of the day or night and you may need to bring along a few items to punctuate the day, if it’s your turn for child-minding.

I love the night life.

At night time, Japanese restaurants’ request for no shoe wearing combined with comfortable cushions scattered everywhere is too much temptation for under 10 year olds, or anyone for that matter.


Talking to adults is boring anyway…

Technology and restaurants go hand in hand in Japan. iPads, DVD players, iPod touch screens… it’s all good for 10+ kids.


The siren with the snake hair, the modern movie.

Who needs babysitting anyway, they all have each other. And we get to save the babysitting money and spend wisely elsewhere.






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