Best meal choices in snow resort cafeterias

Notorious for french fry fiestas, holiday makers feel WORSE health-wise after snow vacations because of the food. Is there ANYTHING in the cafes, bars and restaurants that constitutes a ‘good choice’? We check in with Health Concierge, Sharlene Moras.

the usual fare at snow resorts Photo by Robin Stickel 

“At buffet breakfasts, go for the avocado on toast, go for the eggs and salmon and hydrate on water. For lunch go for goulash, stews and curries, instead of fries and burgers. Go for the wraps with a protein and salad instead of fried choices and where possible share meals when they are massive servings” she advises.

Goulash and stews and curries are heartier meals that will fill you up for longer so you’re not looking for unhealthy snacks.Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron 


Sharlene tells us not to be afraid to ASK for things you need or do not need in cafeterias. Ask for salad dressings on the side so you can drizzle a TINY amount not drench the whole plate, ask for sides of vegetables in place of sides of fries, ask for extra glasses of water for hydration. Ask for rice milk or coconut milk in chai latte or coffees so if they don’t have it they might eventually order it in for people. Don’t be afraid to start a healthful revolution.


It’s a slippery spectrum but a spectrum nevertheless. Sharlene recommends “watch out for sugary hot chocolates, if you must have a hot chocolate, share it (they’re often massive). If you’re a spirit drinker go for the high end brands like Grey Goose or Belvedere, have them with a splash of soda water or neat rather than with soft drinks, choose red wine over white wine and steer clear of sugary and colourful alcohol drinks”.

Every meal is another opportunity to make a better choice.

Loving the Snowlife has an entire episode dedicated to gluten free eating in snow resorts with sections on self-catering, grab-and-go (from supermarkets nearby) or eating out. It’s a worthy episode to listen to if you’re wondering why people BOTHER eating gluten free.

Most importantly, if you fall off the health wagon, get straight back on. And…what’s a health concierge? We live in a world with a plethora of information coming at us from all sides, when we don’t know where to start (like what our health issues are, if we need a chiro, personal trainer or dietician, start on paleo or vegetarianism) a health concierge is like a ‘caring big sister’ who can go over options available to you in your local area and guide you down a very personalised path putting you in front of the right professionals to optimise your health. No point doing HIIT if you’re better suited bodily, mind and time-wise to yoga and vice-versa.

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