If Big White had a star sign it would be a Gemini for sure. Amazingly awe-inspiring or amazing white-out. It’s the only place where I’ve experienced vertigo on my way to lunch on a blue run. 
Expect a lot of this

Wicked natural phenomenon

An Australian-owned family friendly ski resort, it has three great features of note:

Anyone with small children would know, meal time in restaurants you are suddenly the pesky pariah. I’ve been in restaurants before where patrons have stared us down when nobody’s been making a squeak. Well seriously, with my chicken-wing addiction in full mode we ducked into a lot of restaurants and the kids were welcomed where ever we went. Upstairs at Snow Shoe Sam’s the girls knew us by sight, it was as if every crayon that was smeared into the floor made them just that little bit happier. It was crazy. 

One night we treated ourselves, we’d been recommended the Caesar (drink) at Copper Kettle Grille at the White Crystal Lodge, a slope side fine dining establishment. Even after every single plastic figurine out of Madagascar had been flung on the floor, the waitresses were still smiling. Lucky at 5pm the place was uninhabited. I can highly recommend the steaks and the Okanagan Wine, sadly not the Caesar (too spicy).  

 Two evenings a week the main scene is an indoors carnival, I can vouch for it  catering for it all ages. Our toddler at the the pinnacle of a ‘chuck everything’ phase loved each the 4 different ball throwing games. ‘Winners’ received generous prizes of trinkets and toys. He loved toy snake, striking everyone with glee till it accidently (cough) disappeared, so sad.
The Square, centre of the action

This is unbelievable, but… there are people who enjoy doing other things at ski resorts beside ski. 

To mix it up we were able to go tube riding as a family, catch the gondola in the evening down to the ice rink for a hot chocolate and watch some big kids ride kid-sized snow-mobiles. 

Very patient waitresses apply within
This is what you’ll turn into if you pull a face
This was a tour group from Alberta

Majestic and eerie in their solitude, this natural phenomenon is actually a pretty cool reason to ski here discounting all other reasons. This resorts receives 750cm of snow annually and is a natural cloud catcher. Add some wind and these trees are goners till end of season. 

Freeze your butts off with a grin on your face


Let’s say it’s a clear day. The sun is out, kids are in ski school, these runs are awesome. Consistent overnight snow making by the Big Guy Above means we’re getting freshies till mid-morning coffee break, especially during the week. A lot of resorts offer special First Tracks ski opportunities, this is one resort where you can experience that opportunity without paying extra. Head over to Gem Lake, not as well-known to day-trippers and let her rip. On a fresh powder day Playground is great, this side of Big White will extend kids abilities or intermediate adults. If they need a pep-talk the cafe at the bottom of Gem Lake is pretty old-school and cool for a pit- stop.  

The upside to white outs. Powder
Over the other side of the mountain, up the Black Forest Express is great tree skiing for the whole family. I took our three year old out one afternoon, with a caution to ‘go easy with a focus on him enjoying it’. He led the procession with a call ‘bumps and jumps, Mum’,  and without further ado we were in the trees having a ball. International, Spruce Trail, Whiskey Jack among all runs that side are great. I can honestly say we weren’t bored with the terrain after a month, The top pick is the back bowl after a dump of snow or early in the morning. Great for those legs, preparing for the next chicken wing session.




5 days non-consecutive $329 + tax

1 day pass  $89 + tax

ACCOMMODATION SPECIALS for ski offers throughout British Columbia throughout the season




Half Moon hostel         $29.99/bed + tax

          private room     $86.61/ night + tax

local (250) 765 7920


Adult ( age +13)  $72.75

Child  (age 6 to 12) $51.46

Tot  $24.81  

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