Cheap Snow Vacation or Fun Snow Vacation?

Some people make the grave mistake of confusing CHEAP snow vacations with FUN snow vacations. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but these are not the same. They are possibly distant cousins but not directly related. Here’s the thing…
Getting up early sucks

  1. Getting Up Early Sucks

What a great idea (you mistakenly think). Let’s get up nice and early and drive to the snow to avoid paying hotel accommodation. Then we can ski all day and smugly pocket the money and use it for beer.

Reality: Having a headache all day and yawning your head off on 4 hours sleep does not a fun trip make.

Fun: Bite the bullet, book the accommodation and wake up at 7am, fresh as a daisy, ready to ski every ski run. Money well spent. Fun well had.

2. Ski on a rainy day

The thing about skiing in the rain is, it’s really fun…for about 10 minutes.

Reality: By the time you’re right up the top of the mountain, soaked to the bone allowing the Antarctic winds and temperatures to seep onto your skin in places that only soap should reach, you need to get off thathumb_img_7099_1024t mountain, and RIGHT NOW. The trouble is you have to get down, it’s going to take time, your ski will probably choose right then to fall off, your children will be screaming and you will rue the day you ever parted with the money for a day’s ticket. It’s the closest thing to water skiing you’ll ever experience.

Fun: Check the weather, if it’s a rain day stay nice and snug inside your accommodation and play a fruitful game of monopoly (always choose the top hat). Venture out only for hot chocolates or chicken wings and be a winner.

3. Park far away from the ski slope

Think you’re clever, huh. Found a parking spot right at the entrance, in a clearing, away from parking tickets and parking fees.

Park far away from the slopeReality: Your children will all cry at the end of the day, all be wet, need changes of clothes and all refuse to carry their own skis or poles or boots. You will resemble one of those pack-horses found in Bhutan, only this mut-coloured one curses.

Fun: Pay the parking ticket, pay the fee, know that this sport will burn a hole in your pocket but heck, you’ve only got one life.

Forgo ski school

4. Save money on Ski School

Now you’re really smart, huh. You’ll show them! Those money-grabbing so-and-so’s #@$%. I’ll just go and sit in the cafe and we can ‘take turns’ skiing with the kids.

Reality: I want you to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall very, very slowly to yourself with two knocked over hot chocolates and an out-of-range iPhone as your only friend.

Fun: Drop the kids at ski school, don’t look at the bill, enjoy an awesome day skiing with the one(s) you love, enjoy a hot drink, great lunch, whatever. And happily eat baked beans on toast for the rest of the month once you’re home. It’s all good, folks.

Learn from me, the hard way. Make life easy for yourselves. Enjoy!






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