The thing about accidents or disabilities is that you never know when it can happen to you or someone you know. I might know this from a personal point of view, but that’s another story. The point of it all is that snow sports can provide an avenue that a sport-minded individual can reach still live life to the fullest, and reach personal bests in sport that they could never have dreamed possible. Australians love sport, and will let nothing stop them trying to beat everyone else in the world, and that’s why everyone loves us. We’re sports-nuts. Check out Disabled Winter Sports Australia www.disabledwintersport.com.au for the awesome things that are happening in our snowy mountains as we speak. You can donate or become a volunteer or sign up to their newsletter, and otherwise get totally inspired. Sven Erikson knows what snow can do to the human psyche and it’s a beautiful thing. As the National Program Manager he observes that “Wintersports can have a profound impact on people with disability, with the right equipment it creates a level playing field between disability and no disability”. Rip it up people.

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