When was the last time you jumped in the car and drove for hours to a destination?

I bet it wasn’t too recently. You see, with the developments of the ‘easily accessible domestic flight’ the roadtrip has gone the way of the Snow Leopard. Endangered, on the point of extinction. It has become untrendy, the ugly second cousin to a quick flight.

But, when you GO on a roadtrip, you remember why it’s cool. You have TIME. Time to talk, time to listen to all your music and talk about all your favourite songs. You see things from the ground that you miss from the air. And the kids, they develop skills like patience, turn taking, listening and good old looking out the window. And it’s educational.

We drove from LA to Steamboat Springs over a 2 day period. It was FUN. Looking at these sights and discussing them from every possible angle, this is why our kids get comments on their school report cards like ‘well-rounded, great general knowledge for his age”. You’ve got to put the time in. Here’s some shots from the road:

Las Vegas: The Sphinx, Luxor Casino.
Discussion points: Egypt, construction, ancient cultures. 

Las Vegas: Indoor gondola
Discussion points: travel, European cultures.

Las Vegas: The Excalibur Hotel.
Discussion points: Medieval knights and jousting.
Other exciting ways to die prior to the invention of finger printing. 
Las Vegas: Why go to Paris when the Eiffel
 Tower is right there. 

Uplift, sedimentary rocks. Or is it igneous or metamorphic?
 Discussions galore. 

Precipitation. Environments. Discuss.

Animals, tractors, farmers, the economy.

Species native to the environment. Endless.

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