Heli-skiing – Accessible?

A bucket-lister for me, it’s the mainly the cost that stops me pressing ‘book now’ but let’s look at hell-skiing in it’s entirety…

What a buzz!

  1. It’s not a ‘men only’ thing. In recent video of Cody Townsend and his wife Elyse Saugstad, Elyse shows Cody how it’s done!!
  2. Did you know there are Heli-skiing trips for beginners and intermediates? It’s not an experience-only thing.
  3. Helicopters don’t take you up to a dodgy precipice and dump you there. They train you, teach you, monitor you, make sure you’re ok and if you’re skiing or boarding with the wrong group, you will be regrouped. For everyone’s sake!!
  4. Mica-heliskiing and CMH heliskiing have some AMAZING accommodation in ‘the middle of nowhere’ , complete with great food, hot tubs, exercise bikes/ great spots to do yoga. Just incredible.
  5. Avalanche danger is managed to every inch of its life. If your guides aren’t 100% comfortable you won’t ski the slope. You’re fitted with Avalanche gear too.
  6. I’m impressed by the inflatable avalanche floatie too, selling at around $1800. Orange and beacon-like, it’s designed to float you to the top and keep an air bubble of air around you until someone digs you out. You can purchase them at Snowbound, Sydney
Inflatable floatie

I wouldn’t hesitate, it’s moved up the bucket list to top 2, for sure. Just working towards that cost factor. Who’s with me?

Cannot wait to Heli-ski

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