How do I love this ski-resort, let me count thy ways. The town, the food, the ambience, the vertical.

The town of Jackson is a 30 minute drive from the ski resort of Jackson Hole itself, but if I had to choose a non-ski-in ski-out town to stay in it would be Jackson, Wyoming.

Town of Jackson

The Snake River Grill still remains our favourite restaurant in the USA, it’s cosy, spectacularly professional yet in-keeping with the feel of the town. The Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse is an authentic Cowboy bar, complete with saddles for seats, a little disconcerting for ladies trying to maintain decorum. The restaurant section downstairs has a high tolerance for screaming children and serves up mouth-watering steaks.

If you have a pet Deer, Elk or Moose…look away, this may hurt.

The look of the town is very Wild West, the atmosphere very Cowboys and Indians, you’d expect a old-fashioned gunfight to break out at 40 paces any minute. A great place to take kids, they draw your attention to the little things an adult eye may miss, door handles made in the shape of guns, stuffed mooseheads on walls, old-fashioned coins on counters and the piece-de-resistance of the town, an enormous archway entrance to the town square made entirely from antlers. Not a place to take your PETA buddies.

This is the ski-in ski-out village where the Jackson Hole skiing is done. And done it is. Heck, I could live there in a heartbeat. Apres Vous and Rendezvous are Jackson hole’s two mountains, the best feature of the resort being the uninterupted vertical. the drop is 4,139 feet and with a summit elevation of 10450 feet you may need to give yourself ‘little rests’ because the mountain sure as hell won’t give you one. The great thing about this mountain is, that even though it favours upper-intermediate to advanced skiers (50% expert) the 116 trails allows something for everyone. Backcountry junkies can tame their restless ski spirits in 3000+ acres of backcountry, there’s always like-minded buddies to be met in The Mangy Moose bar if you don’t want to go out alone (with a deathwish).

Rates are pretty broad here, depending on your budget. Naturally the hotels right at the base of the mountain, like the Snake River Lodge and Spa, The Four Seasons, The Teton mountain lodge and Spa or Moose Creek are absolutely spot-on if you want to spoil yourself or need to add a little spice to the marriage. A very short free shuttle ride away is an amazing series of self-contained cheaper accommodation options. Cosy and centrally managed these condos are great for families with small kids who’d rather have a holiday than none at all, and hey, nothing wrong with cooking your own meals, there’s only so many chicken wings and fries one can consume (that’s a big call coming from someone who ate chicken wings every day for a month last January). Jackson Hole Central Reservations are so friendly and helpful, even for Americans, who win the ‘world friendly prize’. Take it from me, our house was on the market back home, we pestered them twice daily checking emails and using all their post-it flags.  

All about the Vertical. Vertigo sufferers – Stay in the bar.


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