KIDS PACKING
Perisher creche. Fun.

This child prefers his ski-bribes
 in the form of a Mars bar. 
Some skiers contemplating taking the kids to the snow are put off by the sheer volume of STUFF you need to take just for the kids. Yes, there’s more stuff that you used to take as a single. But it’s actually deceiving as kids can tend to be in either ski gear or pyjamas back at the accommodation. Unless they’re teenagers….then they’ll need 3 more bags.
Hope you find this fine-tuned list handy. This is assuming you have access to a washing machine and are catering for all weather (blizzard to bluebird) and are going for a week or more. 
General rule of thumb:
Take washing powder
Less clothes
More dvds/ portable dvd player
Chocolate bribes for ski school
Layers for creche
The List 

2 x pyjamas (for alternating with the breakfast-stained ones)
3 x long pants or trackies
3 x long sleeve tops or skivvies
3 x singlets
4 x socks
1 x warm jacket – for going out
1 x ski boots
1 x shoes (either uggies or boots) for going out
1 x scarf or neck warmer
1 x beanie
1 x backpack per child
2 x stockings
nappies (diapers)
1 x blanket (for a stroller if you use one – windchill – brrr!)
sunscreen and lip cream
1 x portable highchair and disposable baby mats for under high chair (if you want to avoid extra cleaning fees)
Extra gloves or scarf
1 x pants (for accidents)
1 x socks (in case socks get damp during day)
1 x packet of handwarmers
1 x shoes or boots to change into walking to/from ski school
CAUTION: Call ahead and check if they accept backpacks. Some do, some don’t. Most places do throughout Canada and USA. Perisher does. Thredbo does not). 
Pixelated for internet safety.
All you need to know about this child
is that is gets VERY messy.

Age 2 and a half and ripping on the t-bar.
Singlett, undies, stockings, socks, long pants or trackies (if it’s really cold), skivvy, ski suit, helmet, goggles, gloves, neck warmer or scarf. Can take off ski suit when inside and just have trackies and skivvy on or keep whole lot on if cold.
Advise your kids to let the ski teacher know when they need to change their socks or gloves or want to use their handwarmer in their bag. Otherwise they don’t tell anyone and they shiver with a big piece of ice stuck in their sock and wet gloves all day and hate it and never want to come back.
Put the ski school number in your phone and call a few times to check if they’re ok, don’t let them see you if they’re upset or it’s ‘all over’. Use food or toy bribes to get them them, it won’t kill them to try ski school and most of the time once they get there they’re fine. They’ll be burning up the energy so it’s not the time to be stressing about childhood obesity. Freddo frogs are a good bribe.
Once you’ve put in the effort to get them there the PRIDE is immeasurable. Watching them progress and develop within themselves, fantastic. Put in the work and it’s a sport you can do as a family all your lives. Failing that, there’s Pony Camp. We’ve dragged our kids around the world on planes and to different ski resorts and from being put into lots of different ski schools they’ve learnt flexibility and the ability to adapt to different situations in a short amount of time. For them to have access to hear about how other ski school kids live from different parts of the world teaches them to appreciate their own family and to have awareness of things around them. Something to focus on other than toys. 
It’s all positive. So get packing.
Social skills

Misery? I think not. 

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