OH NO!!! NO SNOW? Australia’s poor snow season….

Snow hasn’t come in yet? Not sure whether to cancel your ski trip?

Her turn to shine
Her turn to shin


I know what you mean, I’ve been tempted before to can the whole trip. No snow on the ground apart from what the snow making machines make. All looking pretty grim. Until we get down to the resort and then, Gosh. We are glad we came EVERY SINGLE TIME.


There’s a vibe in a snow resort like no other. Everyone is on holidays, everyone is exercising physically so the serotonin is flowing. People are smiling and in cruise mode – can you believe that!!! It’s like it doesn’t exist anymore, but in a snow resort it still does. There’s booze, music, snacks. It’s a little like a music festival, only you can move around on sticks.

Hello fun times
Hello fun times

The kids absolutely love it. All of us in our skiing party agreed that “it was AMAZING what they can do with the snow guns now”.

We’re not saying the coverage was great, in fact, all of us had never seen the resort in that early season condition before. It’s June 30 for crying out loud. It was kind of funny and a bit unusual seeing all that heather and fern and low lying brown and green coverage instead of the usual white snow coverage.

We were at Perisher Resort & our best run for all ages & abilities was Mount Perisher.

Even know it was man made snow top to bottom, there was enough powder pushed to the sides of the runs. I was expecting ice. Powder was also pushed to the centre from people skiing on the sides flicking it to the centre. Yes the slopes were crowded more than usual because everyone was concentrated in great numbers on the open runs. The sound of snowboards scraping the snow was ringing in our ears and I was scared I was going to be run over by a snowboard.

But…we were skiing with children and after for 4 days they have improved out of sight. Today I reached my ‘get out of the way mum’ moment from little boys that I have pushed around, picked up from ski school and skied between my knees for years. They had run after run after run all day long for 4 days so their technique has improved so much. Their speed has quickened up and they can handle a variety of conditions now. We’re really proud of them.

Loving it
Loving it

Our two year old is skiing between my husband’s knees and telling him to ‘get out of the way’ because she wants to do this bit on her own. She’s really fearless. She has gone from not really knowing what it’s all about to charging down the hill in between our knees with long stints of skiing on her own with her little mittened hands on her knees. It is crazy.

My husband has found that Happy Valley was the perfect spot for coaching her. Mt Perisher and the eatery below was an awesome spot for a meal because not many were there, and we could get a seat and something to eat and drink.


Blue Skies

From the major cities it’s often a bummer that there’s no snow when a snow trip is on the horizon.  The reality from the snow resort on the day is totally different. A blue sky day means cheery people, cheery skies, a gorgeous day, nice conditions, no-one is freezing, everyone is happy, everyone can stay out all day and other benefits. Don’t get me wrong, I love it belting down with snow and I adore a snow resort absolutely covered in white. I’m just seeing some perks in a blue sky barely snow covered resort. Our crew is having a ball. All indications point to it being a bummer such as-  its school holidays, it’s school ski race week, there’s a lot of people ( hello: crowded) but, what do you know? We are SO glad we’ve come. We are actually having a ball.

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