packing for skiing

PACK LIST FOR THE SNOW – Don’t forget the vital bits

Here’s an extensive pack list for one adult for one week in the snow.

Start packing NOW or risk forgetting all your underwear or being forced to ski in very little.









Currency in your intended destination

ski boots




thermal pants and thermal tops (base layers)

under garments (additional layers for warmth)

apres clothes (for after skiing) trackie daks for relaxing, jeans, long sleeve tops, jumpers for going out

ski jacket

neck warmer


ski gloves





lip cream



lap top & cord

phone & charger


credit cards and money

boots for wearing at night

swimming cozzie for hotel spa

fitness clothes for hotel yoga or gym session

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It was a ski brochure on the Dolomites (Italy) that first stirred Emma's interest in all things ski-related. That endless white moonscape, skiable as far as the eye can see... those geological wonderments. All those hot gluhwein drinks! Promptly quitting her Japanese language teaching job Emma hot-footed it to Austria to become a a ski-instructor, got engaged and did a season alternating between consuming chicken schnitzels and demonstrating the 'alpine position' to English ski students. Whist still not fulfilling her Dolomite ski fantasy, Emma happily lives and breathes her passion, albeit through writing and finds North America and Japan great snow resorts to share with her young family. Particularly the buffalo wings and the okonomiyaki.

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