Park City Food Scene

A great snow region to be based if you love your food.

This is a wrap up post, not an extensive list of every eatery because there are waaaay too many. The food standard here is excellent for top restaurants but there are good food choices for kids and fussy eaters too.

Chimayo Restaurant- great food


Let it be said, the alcohol situation is a frickin nightmare in this state of Utah. We were not looking for big boozy nights out, mostly we wanted to walk into restaurants on the Canyons resort side and eat chicken wings and a salad or burger at lunchtime and have a beer or a glass of wine with it or just water. We were not allowed into the restaurant without ID, which I got caught out three times on because I was transferring my ID between my ski jacket for daytime and my outdoor jacket for afternoon/ evenings (and wrangling three kids and their ski gear). I don’t feel comfortable taking my passport everywhere. That meant NO entry into the restaurant for me and I’m 44!!

Appearances are deceiving

My father, aged 77 was SUPER MAD because he walked from his hotel to the off- licence store and bought ONE BEER. Or tried to. There was absolutely no discretion to allow for his age, he was clearly over 21, NONE. And we were upset on his behalf because when you’re a Septegenarian, the less times you have to walk around on slippery surfaces alone the better. I usually hold his arm walking around the village because older people can fall badly and if they go to hospital from a fall it can get worse quickly.

Does this look like a man who needs his under 21 ID checked so he can buy a beer FFS??

Rant on alcohol over (ok maybe much more later) there are some amazing places to eat. And if you get the local newspaper ( The Park Record) from the seven eleven or wherever they sell newspapers you can often find two-for-one meals at top places. Who is above handing in a coupon? Not me.

Awesome Park Ciy eateries are:

Riverhorse – beautiful spot. Must make a reservation, don’t just drop in. Yummy seafood.

Chimayo – You can try Buffalo, Elk, Duck and yummy seafood.

Prime Steak House – great steaks, salads, seafood. Right across from the downtown chairlift – very cool!

Right across from the Main Street chairlift

Butchers Chop House and Bar– lovely simple meals. Or at least that’s what ours were!! You cannot find a restaurant closer to the chairlift. You can throw a snowball at it.

It’s warm inside.

Blind Dog – You can’t go wrong with Japanese food.

Interesting takes on traditional Japanese food items.

Windy Ridge – reasonably priced meals. Not on the Main Street.

Baja Cantina – Easy Mexican food ( except my mother’s nightly whiskey was weak but she wasn’t allowed to make it a double she had to finish her drink first like a good underage drinker at age 73)…

Great location at the base of the Park City chairlift area village.

If we had more time I would have ventured to High West Distillery. It looked like a fantastic day trip …

We ate at The Farm, at the base of the Canyons gondola often. It was an easy place to have a soup in the sunshine, whilst still eating indoors to keep warm.

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