‘Road Rules’ of snow safety

Contrary to how it looks on the ski slopes (it looks a a hodge-podge of randomness, there are RULES to be obeyed and your ticket or season pass can be seized if you ignore them. A bit of a bummer after all that effort to get there, all that tugging on of nylon….so let’s go over the rules:

Photo by Maarten Duineveld 

Give way up the hill

When entering a merged trail, you must look upwards to make sure someone is not going to run into you. Give way to them.

Photo by Nicolai Berntsen 

Stay in Control

There is a speed limit . Everyone skis at different speeds and common sense applies. You must ski within a controllable speed and keep a distance from others which will allow them to make any sudden and unplanned movements. In family zones, slow zones or at the base of ski resorts you must slow your speed right down so you can ‘stop on a pin’, should a child cross your path.

Photo by mauro paillex 


Common sense rules apply too. You are allowed to overtake but not on narrow areas, in slow zones where there is lots of congestion or where you can create an accident. Give everybody space.

Climbing or descending the piste

You can climb back up to collect a lost piece of equipment but you must try to ascend (or descend) on the side of the hill so you’re not obstructing the traffic.

Don’t lie about your ability

The same rules as horse riding with similar consequences, both involving a horse’s arse. If you’re in a ski school lesson or ski guiding group and you lie that you’re better than you really are, you will find yourself in situations beyond your control that require skills you don’t have to keep you safe. Be be honest and state what you can and cannot do and keep it real. Nobody likes a Figjam.

Photo by Maarten Duineveld 


Above all, having fun is mandatory, if you’re not having fun, please go home and do whatever the heck people who don’t have fun do. Amen

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