Smiggins. Sick for the Kidz


Watch the one in white. Always the ones you least suspect.

It is July 2014 and it is snowing, the likes of which has not been seen this side of Christmas. ¬†Five sick and gnarly littles dudes are out in search of Death. Specifically, Death Drop. A sick and challenging ski drop to frighten the heck out of these five little ski dudes. They range between ages 13 and 5 and none of these dudes want to be the one to have the Yard Sale of the Year. The stakes are high. There may even be a ‘little something’ in somebody’s underwear, not mentioning any names, because these dudes are too sick for that. Wind has whipped the resort of Perisher, other skiers are cowering in Jacks Pub, Mount Perisher is clear of skiers, save those stuck to wind whipped chairlift seats. Lifties teeth are chattering, ¬†snow cat drivers sleep soundly in their beds.

Intention to cause harm with that deadly ball

But not in good ol’ Smiggins Holes. The dudes have built a snow hut ‘just in case’ (of what, who knows…). The punters in The Smiggins Hotel are riveted, glued to the windows, hot chocolates steaming away, eyes on the dudes. They go up those chairlifts, they rip down those slopes. They can almost catch theses lifts alone. It’s the perfect Sick and Gnarly Little Dudes scene.


Smiggins you may pass on the road to Perisher. Smiggins you may think is not for you. That’s right. Keep going. Save Smiggins just for us.

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