Southern Hemisphere ski

New Zealand beauty- unending skies

Smiggins Holes, NSW. Great place for first timers
Not too crowded, compared to European resorts.

I’m a proud Aussie, love my country, love love love. I love Australia so much I once sang the national anthem in a Welsh bar, Aussie flags all over my face surrounded by a Welsh crowd ready to attack (World Cup rugby).

Forgive me but this is a special blog post dedicated to ski-minded Aussies dithering and overwhelmed by the plethora of ski brochures.And this is an independent blog so I’m not bound to say NUTHIN if I don’t wanna.

1. If you can ski intermediate to advanced and have the money or any inclination to save up for a large purchase SKI in North America. And immediately…(well, from December).

2. If you love skiing SO much and have developed a fixation- ski our NSW and Victorian ski fields, but be prepared to part with a proportionately large amount of cash for lift passes. Or see point number 1.

3. If you have never seen snow before and it’s a once in a lifetime trip – (I cannot speak for Victoria, Victorians help me out here) stay in Jindabyne and try our NSW ski fields.

4. If you with a group of mates on a ski-trip, stay in Queenstown, New Zealand. And have a beer for me.

New Zealand skiing – where mates and
fun times go together

5. If you don’t like the cold- wait in the Brumby bar, invest in thermal underwear or book a trip to Fiji.

6. If you have small kids (read: ‘Are we there yet?’) save NZ skiing for another time, those daily drives up the mountain are a nightmare.
And no, that wasn’t me in the campervan at 10pm looking for ski-in ski-out accommodation at Treble Cone, it must have been someone who looked like me.

7. If you are married to someone high-maintenance, stay at ski-in ski-out. Or better still, book a ski trip to the Dolomites, Italy.

8. If you are not sure if you like skiing for the village atmosphere or the skiing, go to Thredbo.

9. If you like a lot of variety and a pub-to-pub on snow excursion, go to Perisher.
(See my blog post on Perisher Smiggins).

10. If you want a fabulous vista, don’t mind what the snow conditions are or want to try something different to NSW for roughly the same priced holiday- go to NZ. It’s awesome aye Bro.

True Australian ski country.
Look, there’s a Bunyip.

In love with Australian snow gum trees.
Twenty shades of green and grey

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