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Facebook is addictive as is most technology, with lights, colour and real-time action. Finite time and infinite possibilities has forced me lately to rethink how I want to spend my online hours. Here are some awesome ski apps and other ski technology to replace facebook, as we head into a Southern Hemisphere winter. Yeuuuuuuuuw.

Select your ski region and click

Gives details about particular resorts

iTrail maps (above)
This app for iPhones is amazingly handy when you’re on a chairlift, gondola or in a resort bar. Great for checking out your next run, planning your afternoon’s skiing or comparing notes on ski resorts with buddies. It’s quick to access and with the flick of a finger (or two) you can focus in on the names of runs and minute aspects of the hill.

Snow (by Quicksilver)
News, snow alerts and other up-to-date info about the ski season relating to your hemisphere.

White out? Stay in bed.
Where to holiday? Info at your fingertips.


I use this for running, great for skiing too. It has a GPS to track where you are as well as capability to make notes, log history online, interact with other users and listen to music at the same time. Just don’t be lulled into a false sense of distance. Runkeeper will track your distance whether you’re in a gondola or heading downhill.

Great for all sports, including skiing.
Handy for vague people. Where was I?

Ski movies
The best technology of all.
Experience the thrill of skiing even if you’re sick, elderly or laid up with a broken leg.  Nice one. Warren Miller’s 2011 new documentary ‘Wintervention’ is aptly named. Anyone reading this blog is in desperate need of a wintervention. We need to be carted off to a month on a tropical island to rid ourselves of the tight grip this ski bug has on us. I cannot wait. How about you?


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It was a ski brochure on the Dolomites (Italy) that first stirred Emma's interest in all things ski-related. That endless white moonscape, skiable as far as the eye can see... those geological wonderments. All those hot gluhwein drinks! Promptly quitting her Japanese language teaching job Emma hot-footed it to Austria to become a a ski-instructor, got engaged and did a season alternating between consuming chicken schnitzels and demonstrating the 'alpine position' to English ski students. Whist still not fulfilling her Dolomite ski fantasy, Emma happily lives and breathes her passion, albeit through writing and finds North America and Japan great snow resorts to share with her young family. Particularly the buffalo wings and the okonomiyaki.

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