Telluride – you’re on my hit list


Certain ski destinations find their way on everyone’s lips as the flavour of the year as much as any other car, clothes or food trend.

The word on the street for Australian skiers this season is Telluride. Every second person has either been there or is just about to go there.





What makes Telluride so alluring to skiers and snowboarders?

Trien from Northern New South Wales in Australia Went to Telluride with extended family at the end of January. She had an amazing time and helped find the pros and cons of Telluride as a destination for Aussies.

“Telluride seemed most similar to Jackson Hole as a resorts in its ‘resort feel’. It was a real mix between hippie Byron Bay and the more upmarket resorts”.

Trien felt a little altitude sick for a few days which is not surprisingly with Telluride at 9000 feet above sea level. Visitors to Vail resort also feel this altitude sickness, it is the consequence of being up so high. “We stayed at the newer Mount Village just a gondola ride away from Telluride proper. We had a three story house that fit everyone, it was amazing”.

Look at that scenery! Magic
Look at that scenery! Magic

Snow conditions

“The snow was really good, especially compared to reports coming in from people from other resorts at the same time”. It wasn’t freezing temperature wise there was a couple of days where it was 13°C, my husband skied in a T-shirt and I skied without gloves, we didn’t have any complaints from the kids about the temperature being too cold like we did on previous ski holidays”.

Town and Facilities

“The thing that made life easy on this trip was that the ski rental place delivered our skis on the first day right to our door. So we didn’t have that first day mad runaround happening. ” Trien rated everything as ‘great’. Great mountain, great town & lots of restaurants. It seemed to Trien that there was very few people on the mountain at any one time. “So quiet”. She asked around if that was usual or strange, but it appeared to be as per usual. She put it down to Telluride being like a cul-de-sac, not receiving a lot of through traffic as you would other ski resort in Colorado or California.  “Price wise it was similar to Park city in that it’s not a cheap resort”.

Getting there

Train flu Sydney to Los Angelas then flew onto Mont Rose Colorado where her family hired a car and drove for an hour and a half. On the way back they stayed three nights in Anaheim in Los Angeles to break up the trip and visited Disneyland.

Cannot wait to get to Telluride and test all out for myself.

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