Texan time

                              What do you get when you cross a ten gallon hat with a snow storm?
                                                                      TEXAS WEEK
    This week five thousands citizens of Texas and beyond descended on Steamboat Springs, Colorado to stand in the open air and listen to Texan country music. Crazy? Apparently not. This week-long music festival is booked out a year in advance, year in, year out and attracts a strong following. Talking to Dina and Jim, (originally from NY and NJ) they have been coming here for the last 15 years and just love it. “Texan music is a mix of country and pop. They do a great deal here, $800 gets you accommodation, rentals and music passes. We have a group of 20 here and have a ball”.

There are worse vistas, there are worse alternate activities when not listening to music. Says Tom on Gondola ticket duty “They all come out late in the day for a ski so you have the hill to yourselves for the mornings”. We were expected hooliganism, tomfoolery at best. But those Texans were pretty well behaved. Yeeeeeeharrrr. (And just what was that coin game they were playing?)

Pretty for a music festival

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