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The Flight Attendant said…

Parents flying with babies or toddlers can make simple mistakes on a plane by making assumptions about the flight. Interviewing a flight attendant recently (who prefers to remain unnamed), she tells me parents should never assume:

Photo by Suhyeon Choi 
  1. There will be nappies (diapers) and wipes. “Airlines are trying to cut costs to make your flights as cheap as possible. We might carry a few or none at all and if there’s more than one baby on the plane there may not be enough left for your baby.”
  2. There will be kids meals. “We just don’t have the space to store extra meals. You need to order ahead of time”. Sometimes adults meals have curry and sauces too rich or spicy . for a delicate palate. Plan ahead or plan for a hungry toddler or child who is stuck eating crackers.
Photo by John Kappa 

3. There is children’s entertainment on board. “In-flight entertainment can be affected by different things, sometimes the headphones in someone’s seat don’t work, often we don’t supply crayons or colouring in books”. Always bring your own little entertainment pack and anything onboard is a bonus.

For tons of extra tips on flying with toddlers and babies, seat selection, insurance, food, best toys, medications, essential oils and more listen to our podcast episode and have a pen handy!

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