Pack list for Canada

Those little things you forgot to take to Canada (Don’t be that person)

You’ve skied Japan, USA and Australia…Canada is going to be a breeze, right? Not so fast…like everything in life…it’s those pesky FEW things you forgot to pack that can really stuff your trip. So don’t forget these six:

  1. Singlet Yes, the ones old ladies and grandpas wear. It’s that EXTRA layer in the extra cold during the extra cold months you’ll be glad you made that annoying Christmas rush dash to buy daggy old singlets. Why? You might already plan to wear 2 sets of thermal underwear but you can’t add a THIRD layer without messing the ability to manoeuvre your arms and feel like a Michelin man. A single gives you the extra layer on your belly, kidneys and chest without restraining your turns.

2. Sturdy mid-calf length apr├Ęs boots

Many a traveller has wrongly assumed their Vans, Converse or joggers are ok for a Canadian snow resort. Many of those travellers have ended up on their BUTTS on the pavement with wet jeans and soggy socks. In fresh powdery conditions you need the LENGTH of boot to cover pants when you go out for dinner. It’s the proper base of snow boot that help you NOT slip on very slippery village surfaces. Leave the Vans for the beach and the mall back home.

3. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Pack a decent brand of moisturiser and a sunscreen. Many Canadian snow resorts don’t sell sunscreen in the winter, your skin can dry out and chaff. Hotel moisturiser is not absorbent enough and a dry neck and face can spoil your day. Waleda skin food or similar can prevent this situation. Don’t underestimate how dry your skin gets in the wind and the extreme elements.

4. Children’s Panadol

Whether you go down the pharmaceutical or natural route it’s handy to have Children’s Panadol for an emergency and it’s not stocked in Canadian snow resorts. Many of the resorts are a drive away from larger towns and ear aches or fevers can occur at night or right when you least need it.

5. Squeeze Vegemite

Don’t pack the glass Vegemite jar, it may shatter in your luggage. Keep a squeeze tub of Vegemite handy for the times you tire of breakfasts out, tire of complicated breakfasts or you just need to make somebody breakfast in bed.

6. Thermals

Don’t get caught out thinking you’re heading to the home of the thermal underpant therefore you can shop when you arrive. The locals have often raided the sizes you want and you’re left trying to squeeze your good self into size 4 like a Melbourne Club jockey, or size 20 (and you can’t just fold the sleeves up). Anyone who has ever skied the whole day trying to pull their pants up with one mitten knows they’d better hit the shop….RIGHT NOW.

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