THREDBO Great couples weekend away with a side of skiing

    Not Just a Ski Joint
     Cheeky weekends away are hard to come by.
     A great place to spend one is at Thredbo.
     The reasons may be surprising.

Thredbo is great for couples who don’t or can’t ski. Restaurants are decent,  there is a plethora of bars and cafes, a little shopping, an indoor pool and walking around the village is a pleasant and social experience.

Glimpses through windows into self-contained accommodation around the village  is a window into family traditions that could be yours. From today if you like.

Village or Town?

Entering Thredbo is entering a snow version of Positano, Italy. Self-contained condos and lodges are built one over the other up the side of a hill, providing maximum visuals out of condo and restaurant windows of skiable terrain and tree lined slopes. A fairly large village in nature, bars, shops and eateries centre around a plaza, half way between the ticket office and accommodation.


I am not in any way answerable to Thredbo, so my opinions are my own. Thredbo positions itself as the premier ski resort, its target market slightly more ‘upmarket’ than its cousin over the road at Perisher. This is not to say Thredbo devotees can ski better, in fact I know some ski devotees who prefer Perisher because it lacks a snob factor, in their eyes. If you were courting a high maintenance girl trying skiing for the first time, she may prefer the ‘premier’ atmosphere at Thredbo. Verve Cliquot advertising features heavily this season in bars and eateries of Thredbo. It is an all-age resort, and they do a designated beginner area very well, as do they cater well for large school groups. It is reasonably well set out.



Thredbo Village sits on the edge of the skiable resort terrain, which means lower slopes can be remain bare or man-made snow unless receiving a massive dump. If you can’t tell the difference between man-made snow and natural snow this won’t affect your day. Trails cleverly corral skiers of general ability into super trails leading down to eateries and get-off points. There are some great stashes if you are keen to go looking. Over to the right side Antons t-bar and the Cruiser chair service some good runs down. To the right of that would be a great basin to put another chair. Thanks engineers and a generous sponsor 🙂 To the right Karel’s lift services a couple of great runs, Funnel Web and Canon Ball, but they need good snow to work well or it gets bumpy and tufty. In the centre underneath The Traverse are some great stashes, and the trees are generally not over picked over. Or at least weren’t when we we there.

Eateries and bars

Depending whether you are in Thredbo for a party weekend, a romantic getaway, a reunion or family holiday there is an eatery to suit. The Schuss Bar has the obligatory lunatic let out of university for the weekend, favouring shots and wacky headwear. The T-Bar has a country feel, with countrylife memorabilia adorning the walls it is warm and welcoming. The salads are surprisingly generous. Chicken Wings need a dose of spice. Bernti’s Grill has great steaks and good wine and is a great place to plot your next ski trip. Cascades does a great Beetroot pasta, what is lacks in ambience it makes up for in friendly service. Eagle’s Nest has an excellent, unparalleled view of the mountains. The Lounge Bar have entertainment belting out familiar ballads, it is a great place to chill out by the fire.


Thredbo is a great place to roam around for a drink, chat or meal if you don’t want to ski or have finished skiing for the day. The village has atmosphere and it is picturesque if you like your scenery rugged in its beauty. Get yourself out on the slopes well before 10am on Sundays and you avoid the large crush on hungover party people who can’t lift their heads before morning tea. That translates to less crowded lift lines and more runs under your belt.

Best Case Scenario

Thredbo’s $699 advance purchase ski pass is the best value,  you need to be organised by buying it in advance. As is the 7 day advance purchase for lift passes. Every little bit counts with this sport we love so much. Access to a family lodge, via purchasing membership or staying with someone who does keeps costs down. Self-catering for meals and bringing your own snacks (gatorades, water, coffees, alcohol) keeps costs to a minimum. As does staying in Jindybyne and driving in for the day, or accessing for great cut rate accommodation. This gets you sampling different locations of Thredbo and helps determine your needs (close to beginner slopes, close to car park, close to shops etc). I do love you Thredbo. you have a rugged beauty about you and a great atmosphere.

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