Top Tips to Optimise Health on your Snow Holiday

It’s easy to slide into unhealthy habits on a snow holiday and go home feeling gross. Health concierge, Sharlene shares some tips to keep your health at its best.


Not just for soccer or rugby lovers, don’t leave it two days before your snow trip to get into shape. Give yourself six weeks to prepare legs, thighs and arms, preventing that awful ‘day two ski fatigue’ that sees you spend more time indoors than out on the ski slopes. Get stuck into some squats, push ups and step ups, you can do these in your local park or at home. Find a nice walking route, make sure there are hills or stairs. Chest press using your dining table and hold in your core in a plank position for 30 second intervals on your bedroom floor.


Stay hydrated, being on holiday at higher altitude can make you dehydrated. You can wear a camelbak (slim backpack full of water) whilst skiing so there’s no excuse not to be sipping water. It’s cheaper than buying expensive water bottles on the mountain and avoids single use plastics. Hydration begins before you hit the slopes so drink a couple of glasses before and after your day on the slopes.


Make sure you’ve had plenty of deliberate movement before you put a bum on that chairlift. Stretch your muscles, walk up stairs in your accommodation, do some yoga poses for your back, calves and thighs. Stretch your hamstrings, sides of your neck and triceps. A quick search on Youtube will help you find suitable stretches that reduces muscle pain on day two and three.   


Call me the fun police but lunchtime drinks on the slopes can inhibit your judgment and make you miscalculate the slope gradient or not spot obstacles or patches of ice. Just be mindful, drink water in between drinks and choose non-alcoholic drinks like a hot chocolate instead of habitat reaching for beer. Many enjoy a post-ski drink or two to share stories of the day’s adventures but too many drinks leaves you dehydrated and isn’t great for muscle recovery. Being hungover in high altitudes is not good, can make you dizzy and can be dangerous for navigating terrain where you need your wits about you to avoid crashing into people.


It can be difficult to keep up healthy eating habits so pack snacks you can eat whilst standing in lift line, like nuts and seeds or carrot sticks rather than lollies or chocolates. If you have to buy food on the mountain go for chilli bowls, salads, veggies or fish options rather than fries and deep fried food. It’s easy to throw away our best intentions and fuel up with large portions of heavy comfort foods. You don’t need to compensate with a larger portion just because you skied a full day. Stay mindful. On a ski holiday there are so many unhealthy temptations, before you know it you’ve doubled your usual daily intake of food and you go home feeling despondent. Try to make every chance you eat a new opportunity to choose the most healthy option. Bring some home cooked meals if you’re staying in an apartment with a kitchen, eat soup with your meal if you’re extra ravenous after a full ski day. Bring apples to munch on in the car.


If you’re not drinking too much alcohol you’ll sleep better. Go to bed early after tiring yourself out skiing and you’ll have more energy for the next ski or drive day. If you prioritise sleep rather than stay up late you’ll get more enjoyment from your holiday, you won’t feel cranky and you’ll make good decisions on safer ways to get down the mountain and reach for healthier food options. And you’ll be proud of yourself.


Laughter is so good for us, for our core, for our soul, for our connections with others and makes for great memories. With good sleep, good nutrition and good food choices comes good opportunities for laughter and there’s nothing better than a belly laugh and some  good-natured laughing at each other on the slopes.

If you want to improve your health and fitness and are at a loss where to begin, book a session with Sharlene in person or by Skype. Think of her like the sister you never had, (or the sister with better idea about health and nutrition). She can point you to the services individually tailored to suit you and give you strategies to cope with unhelpful environments, whether that be your sabotaging friends, family or at your work. She can help you decide which eating style might suit you (it’s a minefield) and help you make and stick to health goals. She can write you a fitness program that fits in with your lifestyle whether you have a new baby or you have six children and limited funds or have a corporate job and limited spare time. Contact Sharlene via instagram at  @your_healthconcierge. Enjoy her free tips for a healthier lifestyle also on instagram @navigatingwholesome.

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