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Why Park City Resort?

Even though Jake lives in Sydney, Australia he’s a big fan of skiing the USA state of Utah. Pre-kids he worked two seasons fititng ski boots for Surefoot at the base of Park City Ski Resort and over at the Canyons side. Since having kids he’s persuaded us to ski this area a total of three times (two months in total on snow here).

Jake has his Austrian Anweiter certification for skiing and snowboarding and alternates between riding and skiing, depending on the conditions on the day. He tells us what he loves about the resort:

Being a good son-in-law making sure my dad is ok.

It’s so big and there’s a great variety of terrain to ski or ride. Over the years it’s expanded (the resort turned more mountainous area into skiable terrain accessible by new lifts). It now covers a massive area. Vail bought the Canyons Resort, but it’s one of my favourite resort even long before that. It gets plenty of snow, some of the best quality dry powder in the world and has some great steep terrain to go with it.

Park City Resort now is accessible from three different village bases, you can ski right into Park City town, which is a pretty cool idea, especially seeing the city base has some of the best eating places in the country. You also have the base of Park City, which has an ice rink, and great retail shops. And the Canyons base which has great restaurants and retail stores as well.

If Jake had a say in it (and any spare money!), he’d be buying a condo there and visiting as often as possible doing laps of his favourite route, the details of which he REFUSES to share!! Boo.

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It was a ski brochure on the Dolomites (Italy) that first stirred Emma's interest in all things ski-related. That endless white moonscape, skiable as far as the eye can see... those geological wonderments. All those hot gluhwein drinks! Promptly quitting her Japanese language teaching job Emma hot-footed it to Austria to become a a ski-instructor, got engaged and did a season alternating between consuming chicken schnitzels and demonstrating the 'alpine position' to English ski students. Whist still not fulfilling her Dolomite ski fantasy, Emma happily lives and breathes her passion, albeit through writing and finds North America and Japan great snow resorts to share with her young family. Particularly the buffalo wings and the okonomiyaki.

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