Wing it

True love burns ...just a little
True love burns …just a little

Corporate types you can have your water cooler. For the skiers and boarders we have THE CHICKEN WING.

We gather, brought together by the sniff, the wiff, the mere suggestion of the spicy chicken wing.

We know where to get them in what city. And what day of the week. Just ask us.


Mmmmm chicken wings

Thursday Nights at Tex Mex, Mona Vale there are clusters of groups all huddled around tables talking all things SKI. The best resorts, best places to take kids, where to ski, where not to ski.

There is regret, wonder, hope on a WING and a prayer. That we might live to see another day of skiing, snow, skis, adrenalin and and anything else ski-related.

Mmmm the sauce

The chicken wing is found in every ski resort in North America including Canada and symbolises to those who prefer their sport and recreation white and cold, that it is time to come inside and have a cold drink, a spicy wing, and a chat. To find like minded people for humans is like ducks to water. We all have our THING.

For us it is THE WING.

When you find fellow wing-addicts, you know they might be your friend…….although….there are no friends on a powder day.







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